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Elements and Attributes

  • Text Elements:
    • <p>: Paragraph
    • <h1>, <h2>, …, <h6>: Headings
    • <span>: Inline container for a small amount of text
    • <br>: Line break
    • <hr>: Horizontal rule
  • List Elements:
    • <ul>: Unordered list
    • <ol>: Ordered list
    • <li>: List item
  • Link Elements:
    • <a>: Anchor (used for hyperlinks)
  • Image Element:
    • <img>: Image
  • Form Elements:
    • <form>: Form container
    • <input>: Input field
    • <label>: Label for an input field
    • <select>: Dropdown list
    • <option>: Option within a select element
    • <button>: Button
  • Table Elements:
    • <table>: Table
    • <tr>: Table row
    • <th>: Table header cell
    • <td>: Table data cell
    • <thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>: Table sections
  • Semantic Elements (HTML5):
    • <article>, <section>, <nav>, <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <main>: Provide semantic meaning to different parts of the document.
  • Common Attributes:
    • id: Provides a unique identifier for an element.
    • class: Specifies one or more class names for an element (used for styling with CSS).
    • style: Inline styling for an element.
  • Link Attributes:
    • href: Specifies the URL of a linked resource (used with <a> and <link>).
    • target: Specifies where to open the linked resource (_blank for a new tab, etc.).
  • Image Attributes:
    • src: Specifies the source URL of an image.
    • alt: Provides alternative text for screen readers and if the image fails to load.
  • Form Attributes:
    • action: Specifies the URL to which form data is sent.
    • method: Specifies the HTTP method for form submission (GET or POST).
  • Input Attributes:
    • type: Specifies the type of input (e.g., text, checkbox, radio).
    • name: Specifies the name of the input field.
  • Table Attributes:
    • colspan: Specifies the number of columns a table cell should span.
    • rowspan: Specifies the number of rows a table cell should span.
  • Meta Attributes:
    • charset: Specifies the character encoding for the document.
    • content: Provides metadata content (used with <meta>).

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