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Basic assumptions of organizational behavior

Organizational behavior is based on several basic assumptions that provide a foundation for understanding and studying behavior within organizations but the main assumptions are concerned with:-

Individual differences:-

People are different from each other in terms of their personality, values, beliefs, skills, and abilities. These differences can affect their behavior in organizations.

A whole person:-

People are not just their jobs. They are also individuals with families, friends, and other interests. Their behavior in organizations is influenced by all aspects of their lives.

Motivated behavior:-

People are motivated to behave in certain ways in order to achieve their goals. These goals can be intrinsic, such as the desire to learn or to be challenged, or extrinsic, such as the desire for money or recognition.

Value of the person:-

People have intrinsic worth and dignity. They should be treated with respect and fairness, regardless of their position in the organization.

Selective perception:-

Selective perception is the tendency to see and interpret information in a way that is consistent with our existing beliefs, values, and expectations.

Social system:-

Organizations are social systems made up of individuals and groups. The behavior of individuals and groups is influenced by the norms, values, and expectations of the organization.

Mutuality of interest:-

Organizations and individuals have a mutual interest in each other’s success. Organizations need the contributions of individuals, and individuals need the opportunities and rewards that organizations can provide.

Ethical treatment:-

Organizations should treat their employees and other stakeholders in an ethical manner. This means respecting their rights and avoiding any form of discrimination or exploitation.

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