Microprocessor and Computer Architecture

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Overviews of Microprocessor

Overviews of Microprocessor
Working  Principle of Microprocessor
  1. Fetching:
    • The microprocessor fetches instructions from the computer’s memory (RAM).
    • The address of the next instruction is determined by the program counter (PC).
  2. Decoding:
    • The fetched instruction is decoded by the control unit.
    • The control unit interprets the instruction and determines the operation to be performed.
  3. Execution:
    • The control unit directs the arithmetic logic unit (ALU) to perform the specified arithmetic or logic operation.
    • For example, if the instruction is an addition, the ALU adds the specified operands.
  • Personal Computers and Laptops:
  • Smartphones and Tablets:
  • Embedded Systems:
  • Automotive Systems:
  • Gaming Consoles:

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